mozjpeg encoderalpha

smaller jpegs for everyone!

unfortunately mozilla does not provide prebuilt binaries for mozjpeg.

lucky for you, you can download some not-official-use-on-your-own-risk builds here:

version 3.1

linux (64-bit): mozjpeg_3.1_amd64.deb (405 KB)
linux (32-bit): mozjpeg_3.1_i386.deb (457 KB)
windows (32-bit): (309 KB)

version 3.0

linux (64-bit): libmozjpeg_3.0_amd64.deb (403 KB)
linux (32-bit): libmozjpeg_3.0_i386.deb (458 KB)
windows (32-bit): (308 KB)

version 2.1

linux (64-bit): libmozjpeg_2.1_amd64.deb (955 KB)
linux (32-bit): libmozjpeg_2.1_i386.deb (917 KB)
windows (32-bit): (324 KB)

how to use (linux)

install the .deb via dpkg -i libmozjpeg_{version}_amd64.deb

by default it gets installed to /opt/{lib}mozjpeg/bin/

so now you can do /opt/mozjpeg/bin/cjpeg -quality 80 foo.bmp > bar.jpg

how to use (windows)

extract the zip, open cmd.exe and navigate there via cd {folder}

now you can do cjpeg -quality 80 foo.bmp > bar.jpg

more information

you can find some instructions on how to use them on the mozilla blog.